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DIT Mobile Finance Solutions

DIT Dynamic Loan ("DIT DL")

Is a flexible, convenient and unique solution that provides individual loans to "pre-paid" mobile subscribers running low or zero on credit at the right moment and in the right amount. DIT Systems is an expert in the field of financial scoring, micro-financing and mobile loans, and the DIT DL solution is developed with the consideration of our diverse experience and creates a whole range of business models aimed at increasing customer loyalty, reducing churn, stimulating the consumption of operator’s services, directly affecting the growth of ARPU.


DIT Balance Transfer ("DIT BT")

Is a solutions which acts as a reliable basis for the implementation of mobile services involving transfers between "pre-paid" subscribers of, stimulating consumption of mobile services.


DIT mWallet ("DIT MW")


Is a flexible, customizable solution for mobile payments system, which allows user to aggregate bank cards and mobile account in a single application, to pay for partners’ services, and to transfers funds between users.

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Always have the ability

to use mobile services,

even if low on credits

and top-up is not possible

Sophisticated scoring

and besoke approach

to each subscriber

Increased service

and network satisfaction

Increased usage and consumption

of main services resulting

in growth of revenues


and no risks

Provision of truly smart

and highly personalized

innovative service

Improved customer loyalty

and decrease of churn

ARPU growth

Fast deployment

with minimum

resources required




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Limitless Possibilities

DIT Mobile Finance Solutions

Not only allow to deploy a range of additional services,

creative tariff plans and service offers, but also create

numerous new business opportunities in finance and mobile banking.

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