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 Smart conversation with your audience

Maximize engagement with your customers on mobile.

  • Easier interaction;

  • Higher conversions;

  • Increased income;

  • Happy customers (increased loyalty).

DIT MCK is designed to overcome entry barriers. Using our own DSTK applet (Dynamic SIM Tool Kit) and OTA platform, DIT MCK can reach all your customers, regardless of their mobile device.

  • Remote management of SIM applets, their menus structure and content;

  • INTERACTIVE push communications with diverse targeting capabilities, which are immediately visible on subscriber’s mobile screen (including targeting based on subscriber’s location, specific events, specific actions) – resulting in significantly improved conversion rates, compared to traditional communication channels;

  • Easier, clear and transparent interaction for subscribers, enabling them to react to Operator’s offers instantly.

DIT MCK delivers a more intuitive experience to end-users, offering a range of ways to engage with them, from simple alerts to opt-in and qualification campaigns.​​​​​

With improved targeting, Operators can deliver customized messages to create stronger relationship between their customers and their brand, services and products.

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