Intellectual Services

Show your brilliance with our intellectual services!

Answer fascinating questions in the quiz "Who is the Smartest" and measure you intelligence with our mobile oriented "iQ-Test".


Show your


Interactive game for true erudite!
Shine a light on your
mind-blowing knowledge
and earn money
for your mobile account.

Who is





Specially adapted for SMS,
famous IQ-test helps the user
to evaluate his/her level of intelligence,
as well as train his/her mental skills
wherever he or she is.

Must-know Services

Sometimes knowledge change your life or even save it.

Expand your career and life opportunities with our "Phone English Services". Protect yourself and your nearest with our services of useful medical tips and road rules.


Change your Life!



Learn new words
and train your skills

in English,
wherever you are now!



Service to teach,
how to give medical first aid
to the people at office,
home or just in the streets.
Learn first aid rules!

The service is not only for drivers,
but also for pedestrians
and other road users. 
Learn the rules of the road
and earn money
for your mobile account!

Rules of the


Info-cognitive Services

This world definitely can surprise you!

Learn new isteresting things about space and science with the service "Our Universe", get daily financial tips and money saving advice with "Financier" and learn new, popular words with "Erudite".


World can Surprise!

Service of curiousand unusual scientific factsfrom space exploration

and the newest technologies.

Learn new factsand answer

to funny questions to get

a mobile account top-up.




Service, which sends
financial advices to users.
Advices are focused

on the private finances,
fields of saving and smart expenditures.
Get your financial knowledge
and become successful!


Have no time,
but want to be up-to-dated?
“Erudite” - SMS-service,
which delivers hot lexical news
just into your cell-phone!

Art Service

Guess the Artist

Check your art knowledge and learn incredible art stories

with "Guess the Artist" service.


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