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UzMobile and DIT Systems

launched infotainment services

in Uzbekistan

5th of December 2017 – Digital Innovation Technology Systems (ISTD) Ltd. ("DIT Systems"), developer, integrator and aggregator of sophisticated VAS and telecommunication solutions, have partnered with UzMobile, leading mobile network operator in Uzbekistan, to launch Infotainment services, which are now available via short number 7777.

The mobile services market of the Republic of Uzbekistan is actively developing and constantly acquiring the best world achievements in the field of mobile communications. UzMobile is one of the leaders in this field. In December 2017, as part of its product expansion strategy, developed to meet the needs of its subscribers, UzMobile, in partnership with the international company DIT Systems, launches "Infotainment services" for subscribers of GSM and CDMA standards. Services will be available to all subscribers within UzMobile network, and can be accessible with any mobile device.

New services include 5 basic categories:


  • Currency Exchange Rates;

  • Weather Forecasts;

  • Great People Quotes;

  • Daily Predictions;

  • Fascinating Facts.


Services are designed to be provided via SMS. There is no need to use mobile Internet or own an expensive smartphone. Despite of that, Infotainments can become an indispensable assistant in many situations. For example, Daily Predictions will help to stay calm and positive before the exam, Fascinating facts will help to start a conversation with new people at the party, Great People Quotes will be an excellent help when you need to write a congratulation or to say a toast, while the weather forecasts and exchange rates from the best international analytical agencies will definitely save a lot of nerves, time and money.

That is why “Information and entertainment services” are popular in many countries, from Eastern Europe and Africa to the Asian region. The new and useful information that users receive via SMS not only helps them to be more effective during the day, but also serves as an intellectual entertainment.

The suite of Infotaiments is one of the first joint initiatives of DIT Systems and UzMobile. Now, within the framework of the jointly approved roadmap, both companies are working to implement a pool of solutions and services aimed at improving the quality of customer care and expanding the product offering for UzMobile subscribers, including the implementation of mobile finance services, a set of educational and entertainment services, effective self-service and monitoring tools for UzMobile subscribers.

Thus, UzMobile jointly with DIT Systems is doing everything possible to provide its subscribers with the most sophisticated, engaging and useful services, as well as complementing to the maintenance of high cultural level in the industry and contribute to the intellectual development of the youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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