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DIT Systems’ representative participated

as a speaker at the

“BDMSummit 2017 winter – IT SALES,


The conference “BDMSummit 2017 winter – IT SALES, MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT”, organized by “Lemberg Tech Business School” took place in Kiev on 28th of January 2017. Digital Innovation Technology Systems (ISTD) Ltd. (hereinafter "DIT Systems") was given a pleasant opportunity to participate and address one of the most professional audiences in Ukraine. The company was represented at event by Olga Kornyeva, Marketing and PR Manager.

DIT Systems is specializing on the investments and development of technological projects in telecommunications, IT and software. The company is an expert in the field of development, marketing and monetization of VAS (Value Added Services), which it is successfully implements world-wide in partnership with leading mobile network operators. During the past few years the audience of DIT Systems’ products has reached over 150 mln. mobile subscribers. Therefore, the subject of company’s performance at the conference was about the approaches to development of relationships with large international partners.

“In our dayto-day activities, we are dealing with more than 10 international partners. Of course, we’ve developed our own approaches to make our cooperation mutually comfortable and highly effective for both parties. Those approaches we were happy to share with our colleagues at the conference” – said Olga Kornyeva.

“At the core of our market success has always been the client-oriented approach. We tend not so much to simply sell specific products, but to develop long-term partnerships. It is impossible to succeed on the international markets if you are not ready to bear responsibility for your work/obligations and to treat long-term relationships in general with higher priority than the profits, which you can earn today. In Ukraine, there is still no wide experience of bringing products to the international market and, therefore, local IT companies, without full knowledge of this process, tend to concentrate on the technical details often forgetting to care about the needs of the client. We strive to share our experience in this regard, to not only create the background for our colleagues to move forward, but also to complement the soonest development of a culture, which would make Ukrainian IT-sector one of the most competent and authoritative in the world”Viachyslav Ostrovsky, CEO of DIT Systems, on the speech.

The event has gathered over 300 guests from all regions of Ukraine. The conference presented participants from various spheres of IT-industry, including mobile apps development, software for corporate and military security, e-education, e-commerce, and others. “BDM Summit Kyiv 2017” has become an important platform of the IT sector for networking and exchange of best practices related to development and management of IT-business.

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