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DIT Systems and Beeline launch

educational services

in Uzbekistan

12th of August 2019. Digital Innovation Technology Systems LLC. (Uzbekistan), Uzbek subsidiary of Cyprus based Digital Innovation Technology Systems (ISTD) Ltd, (hereinafter "DIT Systems"), a developer, integrator and aggregator of sophisticated VAS and telecommunication solutions, has partnered with Unitel, one of the leading mobile network operators in the Republic of Uzbekistan, operating under the brand Beeline, to launch a range of edutainment services, which will enable Beeline subscribers to receive and interact with premium educational content in a fun and entertaining manner.


The first services launched are Mobile English and Mobile Russian linguistic services teaching the subscribers new words and grammatical rules of selected language(s) via SMS. The services are now available via short codes *817*15# and *817*16#.


Within the next few weeks, the Parties intend to launch 9 services in total:


  • “Who is the smartest” – a quiz containing questions on a diverse range of subjects. When playing “Who is the smartest”, alone or against your friends, every correct answer credits the subscriber with points, and allows to take part in weekly and monthly prize draws. Now being smart is not only cool, but also beneficial;

  • “IQ-test” – mobile version of famous intellectual test, which allows you to detect and monitor the level of your general knowledge and wits;

  • “First aid” – easy to understand tips on how to help yourself and others in case of emergency, while you are waiting for the qualified doctor;

  • “Rules of the Road” – the most important rules of road safety for drivers and pedestrians. A perfect service if you need to improve your knowledge while preparing to get driving license; 

  • “Erudite” – the service, which teaches you modern and unusual words and explaining their meaning;

  • “Financier” – financial tips of money management for everyday life;

  • “Our Universe” – fascinating facts about new scientific findings in the space and hi-tech areas;

  • “Mobile English” and “Mobile Russian”, which were mentioned above.


Services are available for all Beeline subscribers with any mobile device on hand. After successful subscription, the user will get access to the subscribed service and will be receiving the corresponding relevant content on a daily basis. And if the user is knowledge hungry, additional content can always be requested by sending the relevant SMS or USSD command.

“Our goal is to make education more fun, entertaining and mobile-adapted, no matter what kind of mobile device the user owns”, – explains Olga Kornyeva, CMO of DIT Systems. – ”Less than a half of mobile users worldwide have smartphones, other are using less expensive devices, but it should not be a barrier for people, who are looking for knowledge. We are really glad that we share this same philosophy with Beeline team, and are happy to make mass edu-tainment services within SMS reach for mobile subscribers in Uzbekistan”.

The suite of edu-tainment services is the first, but not the last project DIT Systems is looking to launch with Beeline for Uzbekistan subscribers.

“With edutainments being the initial group of mass services, we plan to develop our partnership with Beeline further and introduce a whole range of unique, innovative and engaging services for Beeline subscribers. Beeline is a dynamic, creative and open-minded partner, and it is a pleasure for DIT team to work together in the development of sophisticated product offerings for Beeline subscribers. We consider Uzbekistan as one of the priority markets in the CIS, and we intend to apply our best efforts and international expertise to deliver the most advanced services for mobile subscribers in Uzbekistan.” – comments Saidmurod GazievDirector of DIT Systems Uzbekistan.

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