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Naked Truth or DIT Systems

new IVR-based services

Digital Innovation Technology Systems (ISTD) Ltd. ("DIT Systems"), a fastgrowth developer, integrator and provider of Value Added Services and Solutions in the sphere of telecommunications, has extended its products portfolio with a range of unique entertainment IVR-based services powered by Nemesysco’s proprietary "SENSE7" voice-emotion sensing technology, the commercial version of the "Layered Voice Analysis" (LVA™) technology used for professional investigation by security bodies, call centers sentiment analysis and insurance companies fraud prevention around the world.

"Within the frames of this cooperation, DIT Systems has obtained the right to implement the well established capabilities of the SESNE7 technology in the sphere of entertainment”, explained Viachyslav Ostrovsky, CEO of DIT Systems. “This means that we can implement the technology beyond DIT System’s traditional cooperation with mobile operators and system integrators, and can now develop and provide a range of unique, entertaining services for TV shows, radio programs and a whole range of other activities. The entertaining use cases are only limited by our imagination and creativity. We hope this cooperation will give birth to interesting and innovative projects.”

The services to be offered shortly by DIT include "Love Detector" (assessing the levels of romantic interest the remote party has with the caller), "Fun Lie" (assessing the stress reaction and truthfulness of the remote speaker in realistic real-life situations), and "Most Fanatic" – a "passion based" marketing platform.

“We believe in the creativity of DIT Systems to reach new territories for us, develop new and exciting entertainment services for the Telco users, and provide them with suitable advanced technological tools serving some of the strongest human needs – the need for love and assurance.” Said Amir Liberman, CEO of Nemesysco.

All services will be available through designated numbers, where the user initiates the service by calling through the IVR enabled system to the remote party. During or after the call, as the nature of the service may be, the system will provide various indications pertaining the remote party’s emotional state, i.e., "Love level", "Stress" or "Warning" and more.

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