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DIT Systems launched Emotica,

a new unique app

that measures user’s emotions

Live a good life, but don’t feel happy?

DIT Systems launches Emotica to help you fix it!


Digital Innovation Technology Systems (ISTD) Ltd. ("DIT Systems"), developer, integrator and aggregator of sophisticated VAS and telecommunications solutions, launched Emotica app on February 18th, 2019.


Emotica is an app, which helps user to understand his or her emotions, to reduce stress level and make their life more deliberate, comfortable and fruitful. Emotica uses human speech to measure emotions, including:

  • Energy

  • Content

  • Upset

  • Anger

  • Stress

  • Embarrassment

  • Thinking depth

  • Creativity

  • Hesitation

  • Emotionality

  • Excitement

  • Concentration

All a user have to do is to record at least 30 seconds of his or her voice, talking about anything he or she prefers. Emotica understands any language and any accent. User will get clear quantitative report within several seconds.

In the core of Emotica is a powerful layered voice analysis technology, which uncovers hidden emotions. It is possible because Emotica analyzes very short parts of speech, about 10 milliseconds. That’s why Emotica is better than humans in voice analysis. To make results more accurately, Emotica registers 151 physiological parameters of the voice and interprets them with special sophisticated algorithm.


“We are happy to introduce Emotica. It’s aim is to help users better understand their deep emotions, to empower them with the ability to make more balanced day-to-day decisions, and to eventually assist them in achieving a more happy, less stressed life for everyone. It’s important, in our era of technical progress, to remember about human feelings and to let people create emotional wellness by means of latest technologies. We are inspired with the opportunity to make our contribution in this field.” says Viachyslav Ostrovsky, CEO of DIT Systems.

Emotica is currently available on Android, with iOS version planned for release sometime soon.

To try Emotica now, please, download it from Google Play.

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