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DIT Systems and Ncell Axiata

launch Love Detector service

in Nepal

Want to know, if your crush loves you back?

DIT Systems launches Love Detector service partnering with Ncell.


Digital Innovation Technology Systems (ISTD) Ltd. ("DIT Systems"), developer, integrator and aggregator of sophisticated VAS and telecommunications solutions, have partnered with Ncell Private Ltd, the subsidiary of global mobile network operator Axiata and the leading mobile operator in Nepal, to launch Ncell Love Detector service, which is now available for all Ncell subscribers via short number 17143.

New entertainment service - Ncell Love Detector - determines the level of love and attraction inspected during normal telephone conversation between the pair and helps us not only to have fun, but also to improve relationships.

The service is coming into effect from Tuesday (December 26) and available for all Ncell subscribers and on any mobile device. The user can check the romantic feelings of the person called by just dialing 17143 and following the voice instructions in the IVR-menu. The user will be required to select the type of relationship, and enter the phone number of the person he wishes to call.

While conversation takes place between the 2 parties for at least 1 minute, the system analyzes the voice of the person called. The analysis of the unique DIT SENSE solution focuses on parameters associated with love including level of embarrassment, emotion, anticipation, and concentration.

After the end of the call, the user gets an SMS with short conclusion and a unique link to a detailed report. The report summarizes the emotions and feelings the called person had during the call. As a result, the subscriber satisfies the curiosity and finds out about the feelings of the interlocutor.

The technology at the core of DIT SENSE solution is widely used in the field of security and defense, anti-fraud, and has now been adapted by DIT Systems for entertainment purposes. DIT SENSE is capable of boundless possibilities for a variety of additional services in the sphere of voice entertainment content.

“We are happy to introduce a unique entertainment service to Ncell Axiata subscribers in Nepal. With Ncell Love Detector, the users can enjoy a new way to explore and develop their romantic relationship in the spirit of fun and mutual respect,” says Viachyslav Ostrovsky, CEO of DIT Systems.

“We will continue to invest our best efforts and creative approaches in our pleasant partnership with Ncell Axiata to provide the most sophisticated, useful, engaging and affordable services for subscribers and to contribute to the growth of Ncell’s customer loyalty, competitive advantage and ARPU.”

Upon first subscription to Ncell Love Detector, subscribers will be able to enjoy a free 7 days trial period. Further, a subscription fee of Rs 6.27 per day shall apply. With this, there are additional subscription plans available, which allow subscribers to use the service even cheaper. All subscription options are accessible by dialing *17143*7#.

Ncell has stated that the company is delighted to partner with DIT Systems to provide innovative IVR based voice entertainment service to its customers, adding a new service in its VAS service portfolio.

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