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DIT Systems offers a wide selection of mobile entertainment VAS and content services for mobile operators and system integrations. Each service can operate as a stand-alone or bundled in complex with similar products in thematic, interactive, informative, gaming or entertainment portal.

Per request, we are ready to share additional detailed presentation materials about each of our products and to provide expert assistance and consultations.


Based on our experience, we have developed a range of services in various popular themes.


People want to know the future, destiny and many other things.

It’s possible with such of our services

as horoscope, cartomancy

and cleromancy, fortune-telling,

crystall-ball gazing, numerology.


Self-investment topic has gained popularity among  progressive youth.

For this group we provide:

numerous IQ tests, interesting cases, success stories, audiobooks, language self study content, and more.


Practical jokes are always actual specially among close friends.

DIT offers a range of fun services, including Star Calls, various pranks,

jokes and sizzlers, fun video

and audio contents etc.

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Mobile game market is rapidly growing with no expectations of slowing down. We offer variable arcades, quizzes, puzzles, casinos, cards, sport etc.

and board games available

on any mobile devices.


Useful information services

always remain popular

and are in great demand:

weather forecast, global

and sport news, digital innovations,

365 expert tips etc.


Kids are early adapters of mobile phone and parents are willing to spend money on their entertainment

such as fairytales and funnies,

are among some of the content

we provide for this audience.

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