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DIT Systems introduces a range of mobile VAS and entertainment content services.


Besides world popular IVR services such as Star Calls, Voice Card, Casanova Tips, Perfect Alibi (during a regular call there is a background sound of cafes, stadium hum, seashore or other sound, selected by the user), we offer exclusive solutions based on DIT SENSE voice analysis technology.

IVR-services based on DIT SENSE designed to detect emotions and honesty level of the called party during a normal telephone conversation between subscribers.

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Identifies a subject’s state-of-mind

by analyzing key vocal properties

in his/her speech

Identifies various types of stress,

cognitive processes, feelings

and emotional reaction

Detects deceptive motivation, criminal intention, and general credibility by identifying key emotional signatures reflected in the voice



Love Detector helps us

to know about real feelings.

The analysis of conversation

between two parties focused

on level of embarrassment, emotion, anticipation, concentration,

breathing etc.



Service indicates

different parameters

of the caller’s voice in real time.

Emitting signal to the caller

when the called party suspected

of not telling the truth.   



A perfect tool for B2B activity

that allows to identify real fan

of a product, service, celebrity,

sport-team or TV-show

by detecting and measuring passion

and excitement in a caller’s voice.

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